Are you a builder?

TITAN X is unique. You can build on it & instantly adopt a sophisticated, well-funded & DeFi native community to your project/protocol by integrating the burning of TITANX into it using Proof of Burn 2.0.
We believe in capitalism & meritocracy.
We don't believe in people adding value to the ecosystem & not getting handsomely rewarded for it.
So, if you're a builder, you can make money & instantly attract a community by building on top of TITAN X, HYPER is an example of such project and will set the precedent of what upper-echelon building looks like.
The biggest issue other ecosystems have, is the fact that they have not cracked what god-tier tokenomics look like and what actually drives price, adoption & community growth.
Our buy & burn contracts are allowed to be used by the people building on top of TITAN X for their projects that burn TITANX.
All you need to do is send ETH or WETH to our audited buy & burn contracts and it will automatically handle everything for you to buy & burn TITANX.
Here are some amazing game theory mechanics, these are just suggestions, feel free to come up with your own interesting game theory or spin on things.
  • Buy & Burn
    • you could add a ETH protocol fee to the burning of TITANX for your protocol, we recommend to keep this fee low so more TITANX gets burned & you get better community adoption, high fees limit the amount of TITANX users that participate in your protocol.
    • You can use our buy & burn smart contracts to achieve this. You can either copy ours or directly send ETH into our buy & burn contracts and the smart contract will take care of it for you.
    • You can buy & burn TITANX with some of it, you can buy & burn your own project with some of it, you could add liquidity, it opens up a lot of flexibility for you & what you're doing to do.
    • At the end of the day - buy pressure, liquidity & community are all that matter.
  • Real Yield
    • you can give a % of the protocol fees back to the stakers of your project that burns TITANX.
    • this keeps people engaged and gives your project a blue-chip feel as they are earning a real crypto asset.
  • Staking & Time-Locks
    • adding staking to your protocol is great for improving price performance as it disincentives people from dumping your tokens.
  • Loyalty Rewards
    • you can add loyalty rewards to your project
    • For example: give people a % more tokens or a % higher yield the more TITANX they burn for your protocol/project.