Burning (Earn ETH)

💰 Burn Pool ETH Payouts

7% of all the ETH that participates in mining TITAN X, goes towards something called the "Burn Pool", this exists to handsomely reward users for staying active in the ecosystem & participating in other projects built on top of TITANX, like HYPER.
Users that burn TITANX, get a % of this burn pool
For example:
  • if the burn pool is $1,000,000 worth of ETH
  • and the total TITANX burned in the rolling 28-day period is 200B
  • and a user burned 1B
they get 0.5% (1B/200B), so $5,000 of the total Burn Pool at the end of the rolling 28-day cycle.
This resets every 28 days. And starts over. And never stops.

🔥 Burn Bonus Amplifier

When a user burns TITANX, this gets saved in the smart contract under their wallet address.
Based on how much they've burned in total (on 1 specific wallet), they get a Burn Bonus Amplifier that goes up to 8%.
They hit the 8% Burn Bonus Amplifier once they've hit 80B TITANX burned in that wallet.
Miners can be burned.
Stakes can be burned.
Liquid TITANX can be burned.
It all counts towards the Burn Bonus Amplifier.
The Burn Bonus Amplifier gives the user more TITANX on all of their next miners they start with that wallet.