✍️Buy & Burn Details

62% of the ETH that gets used to create virtual miners for TITAN X gets sent to the TITAN X Buy & Burn smart contract.

This contract can be used by any builder on top of TITANX.

The TITAN X Buy & Burn smart contract can receive ETH or WETH.

  • if it receives ETH, it will automatically wrap it to WETH for you and it becomes available for users to call the BuyAndBurn function on.

  • if it receives WETH, it doesn't need to wrap it and can be used to buy and burn instantly.

So, if you're a project building on top of TITANX and want to implement a buy and burn that buys TITANX off of the market and burns it, you can send a portion of the ETH protocol fee to our buy & burn contract and it will take care of everything else.

No need to build your own buy & burn smart contract.

Notes on user incentives:

Users get 0.33% of the ETH in "Distribute ETH" as an incentive for calling the smart contract function to distribute the ETH between payouts, buy and burn and burn pool.

Same 0.33% incentive reward applies to calling the buy & burn function that will buy TITANX off of the market through the uniswap v3 WETH/TITANX pair and burn whatever amount of TITANX it just bought.

Both can be done inside of the TitanX dApp.

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