Mining ETH Distribution

For full details on mining specifically, go to Virtual Mining​
This page only talks about the ETH that people use to create TITANX miners and what the TITAN X protocol does with it.
To mine TITANX, people use ETH + time. The ETH gets given back to the users in a variety of ways to support the ecosystem growth, as seen below.
ETH distribution:
  • 62% of ETH gets sent to the decentralised Buy & Burn smart contract to buy TITANX off the market via the WETH/TITANX pair on Uniswap v3 and burning all the TITANX it buys.
  • 28% of ETH goes to the payout cycles used to pay out TITANX stakers based on their # of shares
  • 7% of ETH goes to the Burn Pool used to pay out TITANX Burners based on how much they've burned in the last 28-day period.
  • 3% of ETH goes to Genesis of which you should have no expectations whatsoever. This may or may not be used to create deep liquidity between crucial pairs within the TITANX ecosystem.
This is all done through smart contracts that users call & interact with using their own private keys, there is no central actor, authority, individual, group or company doing any critical work whatsoever. It's completely decentralized, owned & ran by the users interacting with the smart contracts deployed on the globally decentralized network called Ethereum.