Staking (Earn ETH)

ETH Payouts to TITANX Stakers

You get rewarded ETH whenever a "payout cycle" triggers based on your % of the total share pool.
When you stake your TITANX, you get shares based on the current Share Rate.
This share rate goes up every day. More details in The Daily Update.
Min stake length is 28 days, max stake length is 3500 days & all share bonuses cap at day 2888, see "Shares" section below.

The rolling payout cycles run:

  • Every 8 Days
    • so day 8, 16, 24, etc..., forever.
  • Every 28 Days
    • so day 28, 56, 84, etc..., forever.
  • Every 90 Days
    • so day 90, 180, 270, etc..., forever.
  • Every 369 Days
    • so day 369, 738, 1107, etc..., forever.
  • Every 888 Days
    • so day 888, 1776, 2664, etc..., forever.
And the ETH is distributed like this:
  • 28% gets added to the 8-day rolling payout
  • 28% gets added to the 28-day rolling payout
  • 18% gets added to the 90-day rolling payout
  • 18% gets added to the 369-day rolling payout
  • 8% gets added to the 888-day rolling payout
And NEVER stop. These cycles will pay out forever as long as people participate in the protocol and 28% of the ETH flows into the payout cycles for TITANX stakers.
Yes, this also means that, sometimes, 2 payout cycles can trigger on the same day.


When you stake your TITANX, you get shares in return; the number of shares you get depends on the current share rate at the time of your stake + the bonuses below:
LongerPaysMore bonus - the longer you stake for, the more shares you get, up to a +350% bonus at day 2888, after 2888 day stake length, the bonus stays capped at +350% but you can stake up to 3500 days to earn as much yield as possible for as long as possible as shares only get more expensive & much harder to get over time.
BiggerPaysMore bonus - the more TITANX you stake in a single stake, you get a up to 8% extra bonus on your shares, capped at 100B TITANX.
The number of shares you have compared to everyone else determines your % of the ETH payouts.
For example: if you have 1% of all shares, you get 1% of all the payout cycles triggered during your staking period, etc...


You pick a date for your stake to end when you start your stake, try to end your stake on that day.
If you're unable to on that specific day, you have a 7-day grace period to end your stake in which no penalties will get applied.
Stakes are not allowed to be ended before 50% maturity.
If stake ended after 50% maturity
  • Lose -50% of TITAN in staked, gets sent to the dead address (burned).
  • You get 50% of TITAN staked back.
If stake not ended for 1 week (grace period) after end date, lose 1% of TITAN per day until 99% lost after 100 days (calculated at end of stake)