TitanX.win Pumpamentals

The sole design purpose for TITAN X is to reduce supply, add programmatic buy pressure through smart contracts & drive demand to the ecosystem through various avenues and game theory mechanics.
Here are the main pumpamentals for the TITAN X ecosystem:
  • TITAN X has staking mechanics where users can earn massive ETH yield compared to other cryptos, to do so - they have to lock up their coins for a certain duration, the longer they lock, the more ETH yield they get. This mimics a Certificate of Deposit system used in banks. When these users are locked to earn yield, they can't sell. When they can't sell, there is less TITANX on the market, so it becomes more scarce and more valuable to get. They, in essence, get rewarded handsomely for protecting the price.
  • Because of the supply lock-up mechanisms inside of TITANX, that also means the liquidity pool for TITAN X will be able to be kept small so that the buy & burn has maximum effect on pushing up the price & burning supply off of market forever.
  • TITAN X also has a Proof of Burn 2.0 mechanism built into it where developers within the ecosystem can use TITANX to launch their own tokens, when they do - that TITAN X gets burned out of existence forever, which means it can never be sold.
  • Constant Buy & Burning from miners getting started makes TITANX more & more scarce to obtain over time. This buying happens programmatically through smart contracts and is completely decentralized and all public functions are called by users.
  • Every day, through the dailyUpdate function, the amount of TITANX that can be mined is reduced and becomes more expensive to mine over time (increasing ETH cost). This is a more aggressive version of the 4-year Bitcoin halving, the TITANX daily reductions add up to more than 1 halving per year + the ETH cost increase. This pushes up the cost of production floor over time as it becomes harder & harder to produce 1 TITANX as time goes on.
5 Key Pumpamentals:
  • Massive buy & burn pressure on small liquidity pools
  • Large portion of supply staked because users want massive ETH payouts
  • Large portion of supply burned because users want to participate in projects + get ETH payouts
  • Becomes harder & more expensive to create with every passing day
  • Future supply (miners) are burnable as well, creating a supply squeeze on future TITANX
Also, the cherry-on-top is: TITANX is at its core a leverage play on the value of ETH, to create miners, people use ETH + Time, as ETH gets more expensive & more globally adopted, the value of TITANX should grow with it because it's directly tied to it, the ratio is set & only becomes harder and more expensive to mine over time.
Last modified 4mo ago