♾️Audits & Contracts

The HYPER code is verified & publicly readable on etherscan but the code is not open-source, it is not allowed to be copied & not allowed to be distributed, this includes for personal and/or commercial use.

The code is "all right reserved" and is under exclusive copyright of the author.

Copying, distributing, or modifying the code includes being at risk of take-downs, shake-downs, or litigation.

Here are the contract addresses for both contracts:

HYPER Token: 0xE2cfD7a01ec63875cd9Da6C7c1B7025166c2fA2F

HYPER Buy TITANX & Buy & Burn: 0x15Bec83b642217814dDAeB6F8A74ba7E0D6D157E

Auditor 1 - DeadrosesXYZ:

Auditor 2 - GeorgeHNTR:

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