♻️The HYPER Daily Update

For every new day that ticks over in the contract, these variables get updated:

  • ETH Cost for Miners goes up +0.08% every day based on day before

  • HYPER Mineable per Day of Mining goes down -0.08% every day based on day before

    • this mimics the Bitcoin 4-year halving but does it every year, instead of every 4 year

  • hRank Bonus goes down -0.35% every day based on day before

  • Share Rate goes down -0.22% for every day passed

    • applied all at once after every staking payout

To make things simple to understand, here's how this works out:

  • The "Cost to mine 1 HYPER" moves up 55,000x

    • (the cost per miner in ETH gets 5x more expensive, from 0.2 ETH to 1 ETH)

    • (the HYPER per day per miner goes down 11,000x from 8.8M to 800)

    • Combined together, that's a 55,000x price floor increase on the cost to produce 1 HYPER.

The above is not a price prediction of any kind, it's just a description of the math inside of the protocol describing the cost of production over time until the protocol hits its caps and should not be used and/or looked at as financial advice in any way shape or form.

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