⏳Early Claim Miners

In HYPER, you have the ability to "Early End/Early Claim" a miner before maturity, here's the rundown:

You can end a miner as soon as a minimum of 3 days have passed since miner was started.

To end a miner before full maturity:

  • you have to pay an "early end cost" in ETH (50% of initial ETH start cost)

  • you incur a penalty based on % matured the minimum penalty is 50% of the HYPER in the miner, even if miner is at 90% maturity, a 50% penalty will always happen, these calculations all get transparently displayed on the UI on app.hyper.win before early ending so you can make an informed decision, you will see the button next to your miner(s) that will show the calculation.

The % HYPER penalty on early claims gets 100% burned.

The ETH penalty cost (50% of initial starting cost) gets distributed the same way the ETH gets distributed when someone starts a miner on HYPER.

This is an advanced feature, there are times when this makes a lot of sense to use & times where it doesn't, please be responsible and look at all the data available to you before proceeding to decide whether or not it's a good choice at that specific point in time.

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