✍️Step 2 - Buy & Burn HYPER

The TITANX that gets bought via Step 1 - Buy TITANX goes to buy HYPER off of market via TITANX/HYPER and burn 80% it forever. The remaining 20% bought gets distributed to stakers via payout cycles.

This contract can be used by any builder on top of HYPER, similar to TITAN X.

The HYPER Buy & Burn smart contract can receives TITANX from anywhere.

More details on the steps & percentages here: HYPER ETH Distribution

So, if you're a project building on top of HYPER and want to implement a buy and burn that buys HYPER off of the market and burns it, you can send a portion of the TITANX to our HYPER buy & burn contract and it will take care of everything else.

No need to build your own buy & burn smart contract.

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