Proof of Burn 2.0

User Burning

Users can burn their TITANX to "transform" it into other projects, HYPER will be one of the first projects built on top of TITAN X as an example.
When users burn, they get handsomely rewarded for doing so. Here's a couple:
  • They could get a % of their TITANX burned back (sort of like cashback), up to 8%.
  • They increase their Burn Bonus Amplifier, giving them extra TITANX on the next miners that they start, up to 8%.
  • They earn a % of the Burn Pool 28-day rolling ETH payouts, so they get a big chunk of their burned TITANX $ value back paid in ETH from the miners that got started.
  • They get a proof of burn record attached to their wallet for potential future airdrops by projects that want to reward the TITANX community based on how much TITANX they have burned.
  • They get the token that they just transformed/burned their TITANX for
This is massive & never-ending rewards for user to be actively participating in protocols built on top of TITAN, like HYPER.

Project Burning

Projects built on top of TITANX can earn a % of all the TITANX their protocols burn. This incentivises builders to build and improve the ecosystem.
Protocols can decide what % of TITANX their protocols get as rewards, up to 8%, or they can do a combination of % reward & % given back to the users.
Example: they could set 3% dev reward fee + 5% TITANX rebate to the user. This would reward them with 3% of all TITANX burned by their protocol & give 5% of the burned TITANX back to the user, this 5% would have otherwise been burned, rewarding both the user & the protocol.
We believe in capitalism & meritocracy.
When builders add millions of dollars of value to the ecosystem and dedicate time & resources towards furthering the mission, they deserve to get paid handsomely.

Cashback %

Project developers can set a "rebate" or "cashback" % (same thing) where they give a % of the TITANX burned back to the user, up to 8%.
This applies to burning liquid TITANX and staked TITANX. not Miners.

Builder Reward %

Projects developers need to get rewarded for their time & effort invested in the community. Therefore, they can set a builder reward %, up to 8%, of all the TITANX burned for their protocols. Builders should be & will be rewarded for their work. This is part of the core values of TITAN.
This applies to burning liquid TITANX and staked TITANX. not Miners.